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Photo: Jochen Kratschmer; (from left) Harald Schultes (Managing Director LifeCare initiative), Larissa Mihatsch (LifeCare initiative), Karsten Mylius (Sales Director Beckermann Küchen), Susanne Nick (LifeCare initiative, project management “KitchenInnovation of the Year”)

Prestigious consumer prize “KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2018” for Beckermann

The LifeCare initiative has awarded the marble design concept Paradiso XTreme by Beckermann Küchen the prestigious consumer prize “KitchenInnovation of the Year 2018®” – Outstanding Product” in the criteria functionality, innovation, product benefits, design, and material properties. With this award, both the expert jury and the consumers expressed their recognition of “outstanding product performance with a high level of consumer orientation”. The award ceremony took place on 10 February 2018 in Frankfurt during the Ambiente consumer goods fair.


Paradiso XTreme is the “KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2018”

The innovative marble design concept Paradiso XTreme combines two popular materials, expressive stone and supermatt surfaces, to create an outstanding high-quality and easy-to-clean innovation. Marble, already a charismatic design element in ancient times, has retained its special significance in architecture to this day. Using state-of-the-art surface technology, Beckermann Küchen now celebrates marble’s impressive play of colours and its nuanced beauty with an authentic reproduction on laminate. The interplay of the classic material with the supermatt Beckermann surface XTreme creates an attractive ensemble which is great fun to plan: all the fronts and worktops in the new programme are available in identical colours and structures as four on-trend marble reproductions, and can be perfectly combined with plain colour tones or elegant real wood and wood decors.


In addition to its unique appearance, the marble design concept Paradiso XTreme also impresses with its very special tactile qualities. The latest generation of high-quality laminate with its warm-looking and pleasant-to-the-touch surfaces sends out the message “touch & feel me”. At the same time, customers benefit from a high-tech material that is insensitive to fingerprints and grease marks. It is also extremely resilient, highly scratch-resistant and,

above all, easy to clean. Minor dirt can be removed with clear water without adding chemical cleaning agents. “Our marble design concept Paradiso XTreme combines laminate, one of the most proven materials in industrial kitchen manufacturing, and elegant marble design to create an extremely modern concept: function and design in a perfect symbiosis”, says Sales Director Karsten Mylius.

Managing Director Bernd Lampe and the entire Beckermann team were, incidentally, delighted to receive their second award from the LifeCare initiative, because last year, the joint development Facia ID by Beckermann and Ninka was named as the “KitchenInnovation of the Year 2017®”. The completely redeveloped Vario panel for internal drawers and pull-outs impresses with a picture frame mounted on the panel, into which the end customer can insert texts or images according to their personal taste in order to show the contents at a glance.



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Marmor Grau

About the LifeCare initiative

LifeCare (www.lifecare‐online.de) is an independent initiative which seeks to identify and respond to the needs of people in our society in order to bring about a perceptible and sustainable improvement in the quality of life enjoyed by all. In recent months, the constant change of values has been greatly accelerated by the economic environment and has now fully reached the consumer. Rarely have products, product promises and advertising claims been so critically questioned by the consumer as today. The buying motives have changed – away from “hunting” for the cheapest products to a much more conscious buying decision. Quality, functionality and relevance, as well as non-product-related parameters such as having a clear conscience when purchasing and trust now have priority. The price is not the sole decision criterion for the consumer; instead the entire price-performance ratio is checked. The initiative aims to respond to these needs which are oriented towards new values. It provides the consumer with concrete decision-making aids through the presentation of annual awards for particularly consumer-friendly products.

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